Half-length seagull wing at the gutters
December 13, 2018
Seagull wing
December 13, 2018

Half-length seagull wing at the apex of the greenhouse

For mounting on greenhouses with 60 mm bar diameter bars

Dimensions Maximum height: 3.90 to 6 meters
Width: 7.50 to 9 meters
Interal side height: 2 - 2,25 - 2,5 meters
Construction Sendzimir arches
diameter 32 mm x thickness 1.25 mm x length 1.30 meters.
Arches at the ends of the greenhouse
with complete hot-dip galvanized sheeting-tensor ratchets
diameter 32 mm x thickness 2 mm x length 1.3 meters.

Hot-dip galvanized clamping system.

Complete sprocket racks.

Hot-dip galvanized handling pipe
diameter 27 mm x thickness 1.8 mm x
length 6 meters.

Complete 0.50 hp belt-operated reduction gearboxes.

Central sendzimir batten ridge bar
diameter 25 mm x thickness 1.25 mm x length 8.0 meters
Optional Double plastic sheeting inflation
kit consisting of:
- Connection pipe
- 220 V Motor
- Positioning bracket
- Flanges for double plastic sheeting
Complete automatic management of the structure
with a special electrical climate control unit (for wind, rain, temperature, humidity, heating, plastic sheeting inflation, etc.)
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