Thanks to the know-how gained
in 30 years of experience in the sector

we have developed a wide range of greenhouse structures, all of which can be customized to meet your needs. Our offer ranges from simple and economical greenhouses to state-of-the-art technological structures in order to meet the various economic and environmental needs of our clients.

In addition to greenhouses for growing fruit and vegetables, we offer structures and facilities for the sectors of zootechnics, floriculture, mushroom cultivation, horticulture and nurseries, as well as warehouses.

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The strengths of Co.Ser. professional greenhouses:
  •  ease of assembly;
    All of our structures are delivered complete with all the components and materials required to assemble them.
  • safety and resistance;
    A high resistance to loads, thanks to the reduced distances between the arches and to our patented assembly system.
  • excellent ventilation;
    A choice between several different types of manual or motorized openings, depending on the cultivation requirements.
  •  highly-customizable greenhouses;
    Our professional greenhouses are modular and customizable, so that they can be adapted to the surfaces to be covered and to the needs of the customers.
  •  top quality materials;
    All of the materials we use are made in Italy and certified by the manufacturers at the source, which guarantees their durability and safety.


Greenhouse with cupola opening

Modular greenhouses.

Modular greenhouses with straight supporting posts at the sides and an arched roof, with a single span space or multiple aisles, to cover large areas and with many customization options. We can provide you with simple structures or with everything you need to make your greenhouse more technologically advanced.

Multiple span greenhouses.

A choice between various different types of:
  • manual or motorized openings (at the sides, the ends, the gutters or the roof ridges).
  • coverings made of simple plastic sheeting or various types of rigid plastic.
  •  ends with openings and/or sliding doors.
  • accessories including air circulators, heating and climate control systems or complete computerized greenhouse management systems.

We assist and advise our customers from the phase of design to that of the final assembly and we guarantee our complete availability for any customized modifications or additions to the structures.
We create greenhouses in Italy and abroad, adapting our structures to the climatic conditions of the place of installation.
Our staff will be able to advise you as to which greenhouse is best suited to your needs.

Our mission is the success of your business!

Please contact us for a price quote.

Polytunnel greenhouses with a diameter of 60 mm Adaptable to any type of horticultural use

Professional greenhouses. Adaptable to any type of horticultural use.