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We can provide you with simple structures or with everything you need to make your greenhouse more technologically advanced.


Small greenhouses for the garden.

Dimensioni Height: 2 meters
Width: 4 meters
Lenght: 8 meters
Distance between the lateral posts: 2 meters
Construction Lateral posts: diameter 32 mm x thickness 2 mm x length 2 metres
Arches (divided in half): diameter 27 mm x thickness 1.8 mm x length 5 metres
Batten ridge bars: diameter 27 mm x thickness 1.25 mm x length 2 metres
Swing door: 2 x 1 metres
Picket with helix terminal fitting: diameter 32 mm x thickness 2 mm x lenght 500 mm
End post with helix terminal fitting: diameter 32 mm x thickness 2 mm x lenght 3000 mm
Anti-wind bracing bars: diameter 27 mm
PVC sheeting, brackets and bolts
Description The mini greenhouse are based on the technology and materials used for our professional polytunnel greenhouses . The structure is made of zinc-galvanized steel and its covering is plastic sheeting. Anchoring to the ground is by means of posts with helix terminal fittings, with no use of concrete and the construction is simply effected by connection with joints and screws. No special tools are necessary for assembling these greenhouses.
Resistance The mini greenhouses have been tested by a technical study for structural calculation, using the methods of construction science and the application methods of the UNI-EN 13031-1 norms. If they are installed in accordance with the fitting instructions, upon soil of a medium consistency, the mini greenhouses are able to withstand the following atmospheric conditions:
Wind speed: 48 km/h
Snow load: 20 daN/m²
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Phototovoltaic greenhouses

Greenhouses with solar panels.

Description We design, manufacture and install structures for supporting integrated systems of photovoltaic panels.
Their special characteristics are
  • Customized projects for the installation of solar panels;
  • Completely hot-dip galvanized materials;
  • The roofs of the structures can be made of various materials including plastic sheeting and semi-rigid plastic to ensure the maximum fruition of direct and diffused light;
  • Access to the structures by means of hinged or sliding doors;
  • Manual openings with aluminum reduction gearboxes;
  • Motorized openings.
  • Data Sheet download

    Other types of customizable greenhouses

    Poultry farming

    Facilities for poultry farming.

    Car Wash

    Structures for protecting equipment from rain and bad weather.

    Car parks

    Cheap and easy to assemble parking lots.

    Fences and enclosures

    Simple and inexpensive enclosures and fences.


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