Seagull wing
December 13, 2018
Manual opening at the height of the gutter
December 13, 2018


For mounting on greenhouses of 60 mm bar diameter with single or double plastic sheeting

Dimensions Maximum height: 3.90 to 6 meters
Width: 7.5 to 9 meters
Internal side height: 2 - 2,25 - 2,5 meters

Width: max 80 cm
Height: max 70 cm
Construction Hot-dip galvanized cupolas:
diameter 32 mm x thickness 2 mm x length 1 meter.
Central Sendzimir batten ridge bar:
diameter 25 x thickness 1.25 x length 8 meters.
Complete sprocket racks.

Hot-dip galvanized handling pipe
diameter 27 mm x thickness 1.8 mm x
length 6 meters
Complete 0.50 hp belt-operated reduction gearboxes.

Sendzimir "Omeghini" bars
diameter 72 mm x thickness 1 mm x length 6.75 meters.
Curved fretted metal sheets
Optional Double plastic sheeting inflation
kit consisting of:
- Connection pipe
- 220 V Motor
- Positioning bracket
- Flanges for double plastic sheeting

Complete automatic management of the structure
with a special electrical climate control unit (for wind, rain, temperature, humidity, heating, plastic sheeting inflation, etc.)
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